Trinity dead, need help with serial interface

    • Trinity dead, need help with serial interface


      I "killed" my Trinity and now I'm trying to flash through the serial interface as described here:…itungen:Recovery_UART_USB
      I get to the point where the box "answers" with a "C" but when I send uldr.bin.uartboot_img very little happens.
      I see something flash on the scree and then the C reappears.

      It does not ask for the next file, u-boot.bin, and when I try to send that nothing happens.

      Could I perhaps have the wrong files?
      Where to download?

      Any other thoughts?

      Regards Kristoffer
    • I never needed to recover my Tank, so I cannot really tell. However, as you say "something flash on the screen and then C reappear" it might be a problem of translation ?!
      Below Schritt 3 it says:
      • Sende die Datei "u-boot.bin" und drücke schnell "Enter" nach dem Übertragen des Files, noch bevor der Kernel startet!
      Wenn man zu langsam ist crashed der Boot Prozess, man muß das Mainboard resetten und vom Schritt 2 wieder beginnen.

      = send file u-boot.bin (via YModem protocol!) and than the text claims: you need to press ENTER (very) fast after transfer, otherwise the boot process will continue and you need to restart all over. have also connected the USB stick after transfer but nothing happens if you type "usb start" ? (even if you USB stick is not recognized something should happen)